Alex Lenferna is a post-doctoral research fellow at Nelson Mandela University in the Department of Development Studies – on a National Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences Fellowship. He is also the elected general secretary and co-founder of the Climate Justice Coalition – a South African coalition of civil society, grassroots, trade union and community-based organisations working together to advance a transformative climate justice agenda. Alex also co-hosts Just Us and the Climate, a podcast which aims to bring climate change back down to earth to show how it’s not only a crisis, but also an opportunity to build a better, more just world. 

Alex has dedicated over a dozen years to studying, researching, writing, teaching, and activism on environmental and social justice, with a strong focus on climate and energy justice. He has been a Mandela Rhodes, Fulbright, and Endeavour Scholar, through which he has worked and studied in South Africa, the United States, and Australia. He holds a PhD focused on climate and energy justice from the University of Washington, and has published over a dozen academic publications and nearly one hundred opinion pieces in outlets such as the Mail & Guardian, the Sowetan, New Frame, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, Jacobin, the Seattle Times, and the Conversation.

Most of Alex’s research and writing is freely available on here. He is currently working on a book project entitled, Overthrowing Eco-Apartheid: And Winning a World Worth Fighting For. If you’re interested in connecting, you can contact Alex at: alexlenferna [at] gmail dot com, or connect on Twitter or Facebook, which he uses to share content on social, environmental, and climate justice. If you want to learn more about Alex and his work, you can also read his short online bio.